Go Kart Racing


Kart Racers on track

"Real drivers drive outside"

 At Deeside Activity Park we have a purpose built asphalt kart racing circuit.  We use Bizz 200 racing karts, perfectly balanced and geared for the 375m circuit. Exclusive use for parties as small as 4, with instructors who really know how to drive.

 You will receive a full safety brief, helmets, track walk and flag recognition before you start, a few practise laps getting to know the machine and the surface. Working up to qualifying timed laps and a place on the grid. Then a series of head to head races, to find a champion!?

 In our ‘Petrol-Head’ pavilion.  A large indoor space to keep you dry whilst receiving your safety brief and most importantly, it houses our new electronic timing system, as every kart is chipped and timed to show you the fastest round the karting circuit, and who is the most improved driver.

 Go Kart Racing can be a stand alone activity, or part of a multi-activity event and it makes for a great finale at the end of a day.



Quad Trekking


Quad trekker in the muddy water hole

If you’ve ever longed to get thoroughly mud splattered riding across rough and unstable terrain on a 4 wheel quad bike then this is the activity for you.  It’s suitable for everyone from the complete beginner to the more experienced rider and we have a range of quad bikes to suit from 8 years to 80 years old.This is an instructor lead lesson, which starts in the field to see how you handle the Quad Bike.  Your booking is your time with the instructor, and we don’t mix groups, the Quad bike riding and trekking will be made to suit your group’s abilities.  We provide you with a full safety brief first, a Helmet and wellies if you so wish.  We do not provide coveralls, so we do recommend you wrap up warm, and don’t wear your best clothes for this activity.

Our 100 acre site on beautiful Royal Deeside, Aberdeenshire has a variety of terrain from gentle grassland, to forest tracks, to our extreme 4x4 off road driving course.  You’ll be amazed at what these Honda quad bikes can get over.  And, if you really master the skill, then we’ll get you balancing on our quad bike see-saw.  Remember, quad bike trekking is an off-road activity - if you’re looking for speed, try our Go Kart Racing.


We offer 1 hour quad biking for groups of adults and for older children with our 2 hour treks for over 16’s only who are really keen and experienced. 





4x4 Off-Roading


Commander / Landrover on steep terrain

This off-road driving challenge is Muddy Brilliant!


Here at Deeside Activity Park on Royal Deeside we provide an off road 4x4 driving experience like no other!!  You will tackle tough and challenging terrain in our Land Rover 110.  No driving licence is required as you will be with our fully qualified instructor, who will ensure you get a full safety briefing and a few choice tips to start with then we are Off Roading.  Spend the session negotiating the many sudden twists, turns, bends, drops and dips of a challenging multi-terrain off-road course and put those driving skills to the test in a multitude of motoring powerhouses. It even involves taking on the challenging DAP See-Saw.   

Why drive on the road when you can have so much fun off it?


Can be done on its own as an activity or picked as an activity during the Half day package.


Call us for more information.


Digger Manoeuvres


Have you ever wanted to see what it is like to use a Digger?


Well here at Deeside Activity Park you can do just that, book your one hour lesson and enjoy learning what these great machines can do. 


You will be sitting in the operator's seat with your own instructor right at your side on the specially fitted instructor’s seat.  You will be shown and advised about all the controls, gauges, and operator's restraint systems and general H&S about your machine.   Then you will be asked to take control by gripping the joysticks, and move them around a bit, to get the feel of their motion. These sticks control the bucket/boom assembly, also known as the hoe (hence the name trackhoe for any track carriaged excavator) and the machine rotating function, which swings the upper part (or cab) of the machine around when operated. These sticks will always return to a neutral position when they are released, stopping any movement which is caused by their use.   You will start off by learning to Walk the machine around a bit, turning and backing it to get used to the handling and speed of it.    Once you are happy with that your instructor will have you digging trenches, fence post holes and learn you how to back fill in now time.


This is a fantastic activity, for both children and adults alike, it is used mostly when people book the Half day packages, but one hour lessons are available.


For more information contact us now.




Fly Fishing



Come and see the Biggest Fish on Deeside !


We provide all equipment, tackle and a Ghillie, (instructor) for this session, with your lesson being made to suit your requirements and needs, Our Ghillie will teach you how to prepare, bait, cast, and land.   

You will be on our very picturesque loch her at the park, named ‘Big Fish Loch, as you will see the Biggest Fish on Deeside here !!


Good fly casting skills are a key aspect in presenting your fly well, let us help you fish effectively and enjoyably.  Time with our Ghillie is the perfect opportunity to learn new casts or improve your existing skills.

We all know that Fly Fishing is arguably one of the most difficult of all fishing techniques, and fly-fishing can take a long time to master. But like all things difficult, the rewards can be equally satisfying.

  • Overhead fly cast
  • Handling strong winds & big flies
  • Single and double haul techniques
  • *Fishing Half day (3hrs)         £55pp
  • -* Includes Equipment and 2-hours with the Instructor.
  • Fishing Catch & Release (3 hours)  £12pp
  • Fishing Rod Hire   (3 hours)           £10pp






Archers Target

Deeside Activity Park prides itself on having the largest range of target sports available in one place in Scotland. Archery, Axe Throwing, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Rifle Range. and Crossbows.  You'll get some preliminary training, a safety briefing and then it's your shottie. (ptp)

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Map and Compass

If you like a good walk in the beautiful countryside of Aberdeenshire, then come along and pick-up one of our orienteering maps.
We have a short course for the youngsters and those looking for a gentle stroll, and a longer course for the fit and keen among you.

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